Crime novel series based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire fictional police area of  Eastborough.


Hello, My name is Will Scott I'm a fictional Detective Chief Inspector, serving in the Eastborough Police Force. This is my official website.  The views on here are my own, well not really my own, because I'm fictional, however, if I was to have views or opinions, then this is probably how they'd be!  

My patch covers a wide area, Flamborough, Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley, Malton, Skipsea, Hornsea and Withernsea districts.  It's here, that I, along with my trusty sidekicks, DI Daisy Wright, DS Paula Jay, DS Ian Simpson, and DC's Barry Smith and Amber Taylor, fight crime and come face to face with some of the UK's most hardened criminals.  To support our investigations, we frequently call upon experts to assist us, mainly, leading Forensic Investigator Mark Daniel.  What Mark doesn't know about Forensics isn't worth knowing. He's a top bloke.  Elsewhere, you'll hear a lot from Police Surgeon Dr. Dylan Haynes, or become confused by the ramblings of local journalist, Lucien Palmer.

For those that don't know, Bridlington is a small and popular seaside town located on the East coast of England, twenty plus miles North of Hull.  In the summer, it's busy, very busy, as thousands of tourists flock to the town for their annual holiday or weekend away. The influx of such a transient population causes our uniform branch some grief I can tell you. Missing children, lost property, even lost caravan sites are regularly reported.  When you add sunshine and alcohol to the equation, it can get a little exciting.

It's only right to state that, the real police force (Humberside) in Bridlington and surrounding district do a fantastic job. Everything I deal with in my books is fictional, it's made up, and is not representative of anything about the area. Albeit, you will recognise most of the locations.  Likewise, none of the officials or officers mentioned in the books are based on real people. They too are fictional.

Then we have the locations. Well, if you are at all familiar with the region, you'll recognise most places mentioned and described.  It's such a wonderfully diverse landscape, and fully lends itself to a truly diverse range of fictional crime mysteries.  

There'll be a further two books set in the region, those are out later this year. All three books are being published by Williams & Whiting. This, will hopefully be followed by a whole series of books. So if it's crime fiction, a fast paced police procedural, murders, mysteries, plots, twists and turns, all set in and around Bridlington, then the DCI Will Scott series is for you.  

Despite being a copper, I have a serious mistrust the establishment, I've seen behind its mask. I know, how the higher you go, the more corrupt, and deadly, it can become. I'm a local lad, and proud of my town. I don't like politics, I don't respect authority until it earns respect. I speak it, as I see it. My life centres around my family and, my friends. I work to live, not live to work. That's me...Will Scott. 

In book one, I'm fighting the evil, many people don't want to admit, exists. I have one question before I leave. The bad guys never win, or do they? Well, in my experience, it all depends who the bad guys really are! Read my books, and it will all become clear.