Crime novel series based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire fictional police area of  Eastborough.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of fictional police officer, DCI Will Scott.  My name is Paul Harrison and I’m the author and creator of the series of books featuring DCI Will Scott in the fictional police force area of Eastborough. The first book in what is The Grooming Parlour trilogy, is available now and is title Revenge of the Malakim, published by Williams & Whiting.

I'm also a retired police officer, with a successful career that spanned three decades. During that time, I worked on some memorable investigations and interviewed many criminals who operated within the darker side of humanity. On retiring from the police service, I worked, for a time, with the English judiciary, experiencing the bureaucratic machinations that occurs behind the scenes of a criminal trial or civil hearing. To say it was eye opening would be an understatement.  The judiciary is, in parts, miles apart from the world of crime fighting, and understanding society issues.

The vast majority of my professional career has been within the criminal justice system. I've also worked in local government, where corrupt practice was common. My most fulfilling time was voluntary work with a charity helping victims of abuse. In 2010, as a result of my work, I unanimously won the 'Outstanding Individual of the Year Award.' The award panel consisted of eminent authorities such as (Lord Woolf) the then Lord Chief Justice for England and Wales.

DCI Will Scott, and his team of detectives will, during the series of books, be dealing with a diverse range of crimes, including, of course, murder, corruption and mysteries of all kind and types. Readers will be treated to fast paced thrillers, with lots of twists and turns, right through to the last page. Even then, the real mystery may not be solved...

The series is based in the fictional police area of Eastborough, but based in Bridlington, a wonderful seaside resort on England's East coast.  i recommend a visit there, especially to the old town, which is lined with fine dining establishments, antique shops and just the friendliest people ever.  Readers will recognise many locations and places named within the books, since Will's investigations take place not only across East and North Yorkshire, but lead him across many parts of England also. 

Locally, in the Bridlington area, the DCI Will Scott series of crime fiction books is being labelled 'Bridsummer Murders,' a wonderful affirmation that the area has embraced Will and his team.

Book Two of The Grooming Parlour Trilogy, The Dark Web, will be out in summer 2017, followed by the final book in the trilogy - The Street Cleaner in September/October. 

Then, a 'unique' Christmas special is planned for the festive season of 2017. Will and his team can be expected to be busy in a world where nothing is what it seems...