Crime novel series based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire fictional police area of  Eastborough.

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DCI Will Scott  - Married, with two children. Bears a tattoo on left upper arm that states 'Born & Bred in Brid' proud of his northern roots. Will joined the Eastborough Police Force in 1999, having spent time in uniform locally at Driffield and Beverley and later in in his home town. Worked within the field of intelligence at NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Service). Leaves no stone unturned during an investigation.  Dislikes sycophantic and back stabbing officers. Promoted to DCI in the first book in the series.

DI Daisy Wright - Single and happy. Born in Kettering, Northamptonshire.  Joined her local force in 2004. Promoted in 2010 spent time as Custody & team Sergeant. Specialises in vulnerable person and domestic and child abuse. Her experience in the CSA arena makes her services much sought after. Transferred to Eastborough force in 2014 as Detective Sergeant.  Promoted in first book in series.

DS Paula Jay - In a relationship.  Born in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  Joined local force in 2005, spending time in uniform and CID. Is often sought by senior officers as an experienced member of the Major Investigation Team. Has a 100% arrest and conviction rate covering her career. Transferred to Eastborough on promotion in 2009. Joined CID in Bridlington 2016. 

DS Ian Simpson - Single and happy.  Born in Northern Scotland.  Joined police in 2003, transferring from Northern Constabulary to Eastborough on promotion to Sergeant in 2011. Hard, dogged investigator who doesn't suffer fools gladly. Qualified to rank of Inspector, and often covers the role in CID. Joined CID at Bridlington in 2016. 

DC Barry Smith - Married, three children. Born in Driffield. Spent a decade serving in the armed forces - RMP. Joined Eastborough Police in 2008 and quickly earned a reputation as an outstanding thief taker. Moved into CID in 2015 after receiving a High Court Judges' commendation for his work in the arrest and conviction of a prolific predatory paedophile.

DC Amber Taylor - In a relationship with a local solicitor.  Amber is the most recent recruit to Will's team, having transferred from uniform in Beverley, in January 2017. Studious, and with a passion for research, she is very much into offender profiling.                                                                 

Non police personnel: 

Mark Daniel - Forensic team manager. Loves the challenge difficult crime scenes bring. He is fastidious in all he does and highly regarded among his peers. Mark has worked with Will on a couple of recent 'difficult' cases. 

Dr. Dylan Haynes - Still only in his late thirties, Dylan is a highly respected police surgeon and pathologist. Often outspoken, his dry wit and opinions often shock the team. 

Dr. Morgan Hearst - Morgan is in her early thirties and is the ideal foyle and calming influence for her boss, Dylan Haynes. She is often called upon by the Home Office for expert opinion in cases of national interest. 

Lucien Palmer - A local newspaper journalist, and best friend of Will Scott. The pair have grown up together in the town, their careers taking them in opposite directions. Lucien's inquisitive mind often gets him into trouble.